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Alex Tkachuk, CEO/Co-Founder

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What is 𝘮𝘺HomeIQ?

𝘮𝘺HomeIQ is changing the way Realtors stay connected with their clients and provides proven tools to generate and convert online buyer or seller leads

  • Connect with your database
    Stay top of mind with your clients through personal 𝘮𝘺HomeIQ reports
  • Generate online leads
    Use a proven 3-in-1 system to capture, nurture and convert online leads
  • Use predictive analytics
    Use our premover score to know who is likely to sell their home this year
Nurture Your Past Clients
Position yourself as the trusted real estate expert by providing valuable home insights to your clients on how to increase their home’s wealth and save money
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Capture Online Buyers
Capture online buyers through a high converting landing page funnel that offers insights on 16+ loan programs and allows buyers to download a pre-qualification certificate instantly
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Generate Seller Leads
Provide homeowners instant access to net equity reports that show what their home is worth today and estimated fees associated with selling their home in todays market
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Automated Home Reports
Give your clients access to automated home financial reports which position you as an expert in the real estate field and wins you more repeat and referral business
Pre-mover Farming
Prospecting your database smarter with a platform that combines big data and predictive analytics so you know who is likely to sell their home this year – a must have tool
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𝘮𝘺HomeIQ has been nominated as one of the most innovative and impactful technology companies serving the real estate industry in 2021