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Home Equity Tracker
myhomeIQ tracks the equity and home value each month to help your clients make better real estate decisions.
Home Value Calculator
Your clients can use a calculator to adjust home details and conditon to influence the value of their home.
Transaction Estimator
Net sheets on demand. Your client will know what each transaction will net them so they can make the right move when ready.
Loan Payment Tracker
Your client can visually see a timeline of their interest paydown and how the payment affects the principal balance over the term of the loan.
Principal Paydown Forecaster
This tool allows your clients the ability to see how paying more towards their balance might affect their loan payoff and interest savings.
Mortgage Insurance
Let your clients know when or if they qualify to remove their PMI or MIP.
Refinance Estimator
Notifiy your clients with potentioal refinance opportunities available for their loan and help them save money.
Purchase Power Calculator
Let your clients know what they can potentialy qualify for if they used the equity in their home as downpayment towards another property.
Monthly Rent Estimator
If they want to turn their property into an asset we show them an estimate of the possible rental value and how that asset might perform.
Airbnb Estimator
myhomeIQ also displays alternative rental options through Airbnb. Your clients can see how their property might preform as a short term rental.
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