67% of homeowners don’t use the same Lender on their next transaction.

We provide a tool that empowers your clients to build home wealth – in return, creating you repeat and referral business

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Spending dollars on
marketing each year to
acquire new customers?


Not having proper systems
in place to stay in touch with
your past clients?

Wasting your time on leads
that have no intention of
using your services?


Losing your clients future
business to competitors?


Chasing Agents to earn
their business?

We hear you,
and you are NOT alone

Your lifestyle should not revolve around
constantly having to chase for new business.
Business should come to you!

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My clients are already bringing me deals now that I am giving them useful information to help them make better financial decisions.

Mike K.

Answer Home Loans


My clients love their monthly update on their home and I love being able to offer a cool tool to all my favorite agents.

Doug J.

Answer Home Loans


Finally a company that gets it! Now our team spends more time working with qualified homeowners.

Sean S.



See how myhomeIQ can
help your business

Protect your clients from going to other mortgage companies

Position yourself as the financial expert to your clients by providing them valuable home insights every month to win their future and referral business

Generate refinance leads through a personal branded landing page

Provide homeowners an automated refinance net sheet and nurture the leads with a monthly myhomeIQ report

Generate buyer leads using niche loan programs

Target buyers searching online using niche loan programs and offer a pre-qualification certificate under a minute.

Provide your past clients with instant refinance certificates

Our automated refinance certificate feature will notify you of possible opportunities and get you in front of your clients instantly

Pre-mover farming homeowners who are likely to sell in the next 12 months

Prospecting your database smarter with a platform that combines big data, predictive analytics and automated marketing to put your name in front of the right homeowners

Complete marketing suite to promote your brand

A collection of marketing banners and tools to make it easy for you to promote your brand and generate new business

Strengthen your Realtor relationships and grow your network

myhomeIQ allows you to invite and partner with all the realtors you work with, at no additional cost to you or them!

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  • You don’t have to lose 67% of your clients to other mortgage companies
  • You don’t need to be spending thousands of dollars each year to generate new business
  • Your time is valuable, don’t waste it chasing phony online leads
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